blue ferrite / loop antenna connection?
(2020-10-20, 08:22)MTO-Mareuil Wrote: Hi,
can you tell me what is the best connection on the blue preamp between loop antenna or ferrite antenna? it has 3 inputs per antenna E1-E2-GND

Ferrite = E1-E2 and GND what is the correct connection?

Loop E1- E2 -?
Loop E1- GND -?
Loop E2- GND -?
(after soldering the bridge under the pcb)

Thank you for bringing me some details.

kind regards

Patrick Smile
For ferrites, three jumpers should be left open.  Those are for air core loops.  
The block "GND" is for a shield ground. open otherwise.
Loop ends connect to the + and - only.  Polarity does NOT matter.

For the E pre-amp... the probe goes to the 'inboard' block, the'outer' will always be open.  There should be NO other
connections to anywhere, except the coax itself, to the E preamp.  Zero. Nil.  doing elsewise really messes up the 'mirror' capacitance of the probe, between the probe and earth. That 'capacitance' is what does the work. Don't do anything extra.

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