construction manual for magnetic antenna
(2021-03-30, 05:53)Hope70 Wrote: I want to ask the community if there is a manual for build own high sensitive magnetic antennas.

I am from Austria and just working to create my self made "blue system" with KICAD (new layout, new BOM etc) because it is hard to get a kit to buy at these days......

On the german forum web site there are some docs they show the different types of antennas (E/H field) but no construction manual of the magnetic rod antenna (wire on ferrit in plastic pipe enclosure)

Maybe somebody can support

You do realize that this forum will be of limited support for Non-Blitzortung produced systems?
On the 'Cover Your Area Page', one of the documents it's suggested to read, is the original system RED
manual. That covers what you need to know at this point about Ferrites. Section 4.1.2.
Project Description - (14. February 2016, 11:10)
Once you are in the network, optimized your station, etc with 'standard' builds... for some time...
THEN is the time to experiment with different H types. Remember, this is NOT about 'distance',
this is about 'Quality' and accuracy. You DON'T exist as an independent station.

You might also consider doing some basic research.
Maybe see some various configurations in operation, here:

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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