Are some strikes not detected?
(2021-08-12, 18:26)dupreezd Wrote: That dot you see on the map, is not the exact location, but a deviated approximation due to various factors.

See this post

One of the dots you refer to has a deviation of 4.4Km

Thanks, that would definitely explain it. All I can say is WOW if you ever have a strike that is "right on top of you."

So far the "fried": 55" TV, Ceiling Fan, Garage Door Opener, KVM Switch, Magic Jack. Have to get a TV replacement just to check the remaining electronic devices that were plugged in. (Have the 55 opened up and power supply board out trying to trouble shoot - trying to delay buying new set until ATSC 3.0 tuners are common place in low to mid level sets.)


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