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(2021-08-31, 16:19)Szutek Wrote: Hello,
Statistics page for a couple of weeks now
displays stored highest hourly results instead of last hour's results.
Is this an intended change?
Default "sort" is by "counter_used" (USED) column, "descending" ... which will always show stations / region with the highest 'used' count.
On some chosen page selections, or specific sort request, an "orphan" database from August 19th has a higher USED count then the current 'real-time' database, so the table, erroneously, lists those 'orphan' numbers ahead of others. They can be distinguised by the "last signal" date of "August 19", and usually a server name of "whateverRegionName 2" instead of ""whateverRegionName 1"

Issue is a tough one, but Egon's continuing to look at it, as far as I know,.
Additional info, and a hint, at this post, on the Operator's Internal forum:

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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