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(2021-10-05, 14:21)Szutek Wrote: Dear Egon, Cutty,

Adding "current only" option eliminated sorting problems.
However, another problem arose when the statistics were broken down into REGIONS.
Just try it: stations are not sorted by region.

By the way: where was the boundary between EUROPE 1, 2 and 3 established?


This is going be confusing. The 'regions' column is technically a 'server reference name' presently. Though it MAY / DOES have to do with geographic 'regional' locations of strokes. This is presently under refinement and evaluation.  That DOES NOT necessarily refer to the 'geographic location' of a station! The geographic station location of the STATION is under "Country" column.

'Select' box (top) by geographic regions, then when you do a station or count sort, it should only show stations related to strokes information on that  'region' from 'select' (country, province, etc). As we show strike totals the 'region' on the lists can be confusing,  and NOT exactly agree with our 'mind set'.  It's currently probably 'best' to think of  'Regions' in the table column, as 'server', rather  than 'geography'. Again, use the 'select' box to select a 'geographic' region for station listing of ANY physical stations in that 'area' and which 'server(s)' their signals are evaluated (Regions column). Those numbers WILL NOT be 'strokes' for that 'narrow' region where the station resides. They will be for the 'parent' 'Server Region' or regions, where those strokes are 'scored'... Angel

Originally, there was only ONE 'region' in the "Regions" column  named 'Europe'.  All stations reported there.  That's where all the stations were processed. All the stations then WERE in Europe, and the signals were pretty much all Europe... there was no real 'boundary' in all likelhood.  Then things started growing ....Here came  North America, which included South America, Caribbean, etc.. Then Oceania, ... etc. 

I notice as this is written, my stations are currently reporting to 4 servers... 2 are the IBOD Blitzortung servers, the others  probably test and eval.


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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