Powered off SystemBlue, only power led comes on now
(2021-11-11, 04:37)JimK5KTF Wrote:
(2021-11-11, 04:17)JimK5KTF Wrote: Hi all.
I was doing some reorganizing of my cabling, all was working fine, powered off my System Blue, moved cabling around, got all nice and neat, powered back on and now only power LED lights up.  I let it set for a couple hours while I went off and did other things, but still, just 1 LED lit.
Double checked all cables, everything looks fine.

Any hints/tips/tricks to diagnose and/or get working again?

I found a post about trying to get it into some mode by holding reset and boot0 at power on.
Took it out of the case and tried that. just red power solid and gps red internal blinking.

Then I brushed against the ST Processor... QUITE WARM.
Actually hot (cant take my thick skin more than 4-5 seconds else get burnt...)

So Im guessing  the board is toast?
If so, whats the process for buying a replacement?

I happened to find on my shelf of stuff an old STM experimenter board that had THE EXACT SAME CHIP on it.
I had a friend with the hot air station swap the processors for me.
Today I figured I would give it a shot, powered it on connected to my PC, held the RESET and BOOT0 buttons, released the RESET, and my PC found the STM chip!
I used the newer STM CubeProgrammer software and loaded the 9.2_blue.bin file (mine is a 19.3 PCB).
Once it was done loading, I pressed reset, and it did the familiar BEEP.
Then buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

then LEDs flash and beep buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, rinse repeat.
Once in a while it will just beep, with no buzzzzz

Do I need to reload different firmware, or set some settings in the Cube software and try again?
Im psyched that this is so close to being back online!

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