power company installed new meter, poor detection since
(2023-08-23, 08:03)Benjamin Wrote: If the detection performance of a new meter installed is not good, there may be several reasons:

Installation errors: It is possible that something went wrong during installation, such as the meter not being properly connected to the power source or a loose connection wire. It is necessary to check whether the installation process is correct, and to ensure that the connection between the meter and the power supply is normal.

Faulty Meter: A newly installed meter may itself be faulty or damaged. It is recommended to contact the power company or relevant technical personnel for inspection and maintenance.

Inaccurate Measurements: There may be problems with the measurement accuracy of new meters. If you suspect that the measurement is inaccurate, you can use other measuring equipment for comparison, or contact the power company for inspection and calibration.

Circuit problem: There may be a circuit fault or poor wiring connection that causes the meter to measure poorly. Relevant circuits and wiring connections need to be checked and ensured to work properly.

If you are not satisfied with the detection results of the meter, it is recommended to contact the power company or relevant professionals in time to solve the problem. They will have the expertise and equipment to solve the problem.

Nice cut'n'paste .

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