my station 2550 no strokes for 2 years?
edit 1: hmm, evidently when i click my "signature" link "2550" it brings up a third page that is different than the one i linked and the one that shows up if you manually put "2550" in the URL.
This may be me "bookmarking" the wrong link. If anyone else can verify that my system is working "ok" i'd be very appreciative. I'd hate to have wasted bandwidth and compute resources for two years!

edit 2: Somehow my station shows up twice, once as the link "station page" below shows, and once as the station in my signature. Respectively, 3030, 2550. Is this something that i messed up? in the network chart these two stations are 0 km apart. I know there's two other systems in my state, and those show up 3rd and 4th in the network chart.

per subject, my station page shows that i haven't had a stroke recorded since 2021-04-18 03:14:37 UTC.

If i look at the live map with station lines active, i see my station flickering occasionally, especially with closer storms. I've assumed this was a fluke of the lightningmaps site; it also doesn't report my firmware version (and IIRC never has!)

My station is always clicking, and other than a few "bad GPS" or network outages, it's been up in the intervening 2 years, clicking and sending data. the three "status" pages show "valid" stroke reporting nearly always, strokes measured between 1 and 3000km, and I'll link a static image of the activity page, which i still cannot read >.<

I'll answer any questions!

image below:

[Image: 04a3bd42-f01d-47bc-b840-8821493f9add]

Station: 2550

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