my station 2550 no strokes for 2 years?
The duplicate entry on LMO, reporting no signals is likely a 'carry over' LMO database error,  and the most recent server upgrades and processing. Disregard LMO 'id' 3030 ... that's the 'old' LMO database id for station 2550, and is the 'other stations' link on the correct page below, it's in error. The LMO and servers are completely separate presentations, administered by Tobi and Egon (Primary) respectively.
The correct link on the upgraded LMO server for your station should be
which now uses the 'real' station number.
 Note that  LMO may use some different, sometimes experimental, algorithms, and the calculation timing and numbers may vary from the 'official' site,
For US stations , on the BLITZORTUNG.ORG stations list, we should see at least 2 region listings, North America 1, and 2. Other 'main region' stations globally generally will show multiple 'sub-regions', e.g. Europe 1, 2, 3  etc... these would be the most recent signals numbers etc.  
The latest 'real' 'performance' calculations, percentages, etc are on, on the 'owner's ' page, and reflected on the Blitzortung Graph page you have posted from  your 'owners' page on
I have a summary Iframe 'info' page on my system web page. Note the 'colors' and display on your graph may vary from those I've coded on my page.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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