Lightningmaps data explanation
Quote:Sorry for such a noob question, but can anyone explain what the "S:" number is when looking at individual strokes data on visualisations?
There is a date and time stamp along with a number such as "S: 13/269"
What does that refer to?
I've tried to find a definition somewhere, so hoping you fine folks can help.

The "S:" number you are referring to on visualizations represents the number of strokes detected by the lightning detection network at a particular time. Each stroke corresponds to a recorded instance of lightning discharge, and the number indicates the total count of strokes detected within a specific time frame.

The format "S: 13/269" can be broken down as follows:

The first number (13) represents the number of strokes detected within the current minute.
The second number (269) represents the total number of strokes detected since the start of the current hour.

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