Interested to buy and install a Blue System
(2023-09-29, 15:59)tonuonu Wrote:
(2023-09-29, 08:28)scpa359 Wrote: I am in Italy and for my organization CMCC (Euro Mediterranean Center for Climate Change) I am interested to buy and install a Blitzortung system. Please may you provide information about costs, where to find antennas and how to install the system?
Best regards
Pasquale Schiano

I am responsible for hardware at moment and can support you. Documentation is available here

I think this is good place to start if you come soon

Why do you order boards (PCB) just in batches of 10 ?

Why do you solder by hand ?

Pick and Place machines exists and companies exists that could serialize this much faster.

What's with the v.22 PCB. Directory is created but is empty. Where are details about v.22 and what has changed ?

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