Newbie? As the same ... you reply!?
Hi Vad,

just buying the needed ICs is possible. You will get an email from us.

(2014-04-22, 22:13)Vad Wrote: Perhaps you have outdated controller boards (Green?) .. Which will cost less and be able to work with my server?
There are several participants which don't use their GREEN stations any more. Maybe you find someone who sells his station for small money. Note that the original price was almost the same as for the RED ones. A Linux server works perfectly with old stations.

(2014-04-22, 22:13)Vad Wrote: Maybe there is any way to reduce the price of the kit?
I'd like to participate .. but financial constraints do not allow to do so.
The price is already almost as low as possible. We don't make money with the hardware.

(2014-04-22, 22:13)Vad Wrote: This Saturday and Sunday(20 and 21 April) was a thunderstorm over us. Directly over our city.
I watched online storm outside and on your maps.)​​)
On your map error in determining the lightning was 50-90 kilometers.
The closest station was 1000km to the west, the farthest > 2000km. This is not very optimal for the TOA method. Even after you've built up you station, the accuracy won't increase very much. Several more stations in a distance of some 100km are needed.

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Stations: 538, 1534, 1712, 2034, 2219

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