Seeking an unwanted kit
Hi Kevin...
A lot of North American Blitzors hang out at you might also post there... . There may be some Amps on the side at a few stations, the difficult part might be the controller board. Good things are coming, regardless! Hang in there with us!
(2014-07-03, 22:35)doc911 Wrote: Greetings All;

My name is Kevin, I am a retired, yet highly experienced forestry firefighter/medic that used to specialise in Urban Interface fire suppression & rappelling from helicopters into remote wilderness areas to suppress a fire in British Columbia, Canada. I now live in Red Deer County, in Central Alberta, Canada. I took notice that there is little in the way of representation from Canada in general & Western Canada in particular.

I just received an e-mail update stating there are no kits available until possibly later on in the year, so I decided to come here to let anyone with a spare kit that no longer is needed or if someone has lost interest with this project & wants to sell their kit, I am a willing buyer. I can pay via Visa, Paypal or UKash for European payments. I understand kits leaving Europe can contain specific pieces required by the kit to function properly & that kits may require some assembly by the purchaser. I can follow a set of plans & can use a soldering iron. If someone has a complete yet unbuilt kit I would be interested in purchasing it as well. In a nutshell, if you have a full kit of parts or a working kit that is no longer needed or wanted, I can give it a good home.

The area I live in is prone to daily, large dynamic thunderstorms rolling off of the Rocky Mountains from mid April to mid October, with the occasional small tornado. In the same area, a government backed CARISMA (Canadian Array for Real-time Investigations of Magnetic Activity) magnetometer array, a key element of the Canadian Geospace Monitoring (CGSM) project is positioned. With large portions of Canada located along the boundaries where Auroras Borealis are commonly seen, I volunteer to use time lapse photography to record AB's as part of a citizen science project studying CME's & solar wind & how they may relate to the formation of, the quantity &/or severity of lightning strikes & how massive CME's, solar wind & solar storms may relate to the development & electrical charging of particles within cloud formations that form into storm cells, lightning within thunderstorms, as well as other forms of lightning, i.e; Dry lightning, ball lightning, sheet lightning in high atmosphere cloud formations. While Auroras Borealis is normally seen at night, ejecta from CME's &/or solar storms are constantly bombarding Earth, we just don't notice it because of the available sunlight during the daytime.

It would be interesting to see the raw data & maybe even do a comparative analysis between both data sets. Either way, I'm interested in helping out, if someone has a kit that needs a good home in Canada, I have just the spot for it.

All the best, Cheers!

Stations: 689, 791, 1439

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