Lightning strikes heard, but did not appear on map.
(2014-08-07, 17:01)Cutty Wrote:
Quote:"Important Enough" might simply be a translation artifact... not to put words in Delande's mouth, but perhaps he meant "dense"... not enough stations...
(2014-08-07, 16:36)DelandeC Wrote: Yes Mike that's right.

Sorry, I do my best Blush
I'm actually amazed at how well folks can translate multiple languages into one common.... strange things will happen... we all just do our best Big Grin if you're bored, get Google translate, enter something in English, translate it to, say German... Then translate the German back to English. Repeat it several times. The final result is liable to start a war... .Lightning

Those of us who have enough difficulty speaking one language are just glad most of this board is in English! Big Grin
Stations: 1075, 1472

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