Lightning strikes heard, but did not appear on map.
(2014-08-29, 14:14)BobW Wrote:
(2014-08-28, 01:50)BobW Wrote:
(2014-07-24, 01:51)Jonathan.Williams Wrote: Between the DC region and Florida, there is indeed a "gap" without stations. Typically, to detect strikes in NC would probably require the participation of (at the closest) some of the DC region stations, Florida stations, and Kentucky stations.

Kit on order, and antenna constructed already..... As soon as it arrives, big gap between DC and Florida will be plugged in Wilmington, NC!

I did some testing of my antenna, and my location to see what I was in for interference wise...
Results look promising. Output of loops was fed to an ADC running at 40 khz. Termination was 600 ohms vs. the 2.2 k on the real amplifier. Of course the resolution on the real controller will be much higher, the waveforms look very similar, and you can see the differences in phase and amplitude in strikes of varying distances and directions. Null between the loops looks good, which accounts for the major differences in levels between strikes.

Now if that controller kit would just arrive......Big Grin

Hard to say for sure, but those look like nice, low noise environment plots Smile
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