Phoenix, Arizona, a hole in the coverage?
I'm over in east Mesa and I'd sure like some company here in the valley! I'm finally getting my system tuned in and running a bit better than it has the last few weeks, had a missing solder connection on one of the op-amps on the amplifier board which has now been resolved. I know of one other gentleman in Glendale who has expressed interest in getting a kit once they start selling them again, I may be building it for him if he wants the help. Feel free to order a kit and join us Big Grin

Oh and on the issue of seeing lightning in the area but nothing on the maps you are correct that cloud-to-cloud lightning normally won't be detected, but another thing to consider is that there is a minimum number of stations (5 or 6) needed to record an event and have the server consider it a valid strike - if less than that number record the event and send data it will not register on the map displays. So by all means get a station up and running so we can record more of the monsoon activity!
Stations: 1042

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RE: Phoenix, Arizona, a hole in the coverage? - by Kevin.Beverage - 2014-07-29, 12:13

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