Frequency Of Operation?
Hi, Joe..
I'd blame that on lack of sunspots.... Lightning Big Grin
Seriously... it's a combination of factors:
Type and intensity of discharge... TOA is more sensitive to C-G strokes, less sensitive to CC lightning. Strokes must be detected by minimum of 6 receivers with good data, currently, in the US. These parameters are under refinement at the present time.
Although the NA network has added many new stations in the last 2 months, with a few more due to come online at some point, those newer stations are still 'tuning' themselves, so, many strokes are undetected simply because the network of receivers is not at optimum, mostly due to 'small' number of stations.
Many of the NA stations, therefore, are operating with somewhat higher gains -- and weaker nearby signals may get lost in the flurry of skywaves from more distant strokes.
Many stations operate in H field mode only, with E field probes designed for 'nearer' strokes being added as logistics and expansion allow. Currently the signal processing and network servers are being updated and refined. The sudden publicity this year, and unexpected number of inquiries has overwhelmed this volunteer network of developers and hobbyists. So we've called 'Time Out' for a few months, if you will, to focus on 'quality' rather than 'quantity', before admitting more stations to the network.

Follow our North America fanatics at
You'll probably find most of your questions answered in that mess... along with a bunch of HAMS !!!


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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