Robotic lawnmower interference?
(2014-06-22, 10:49)GeigerBe Wrote: Hello,

I have a big problem.

Since my neigbour owns a Husqverna Automower, my station isn't useable anymore. I get Interference all the time!

I checked the internet and found out that the mower uses a magnetic field, inducted by a wire arround the lawn, not to get lost.

I have a question about these mowers. Has anyone figured out what specific frequency that the wire radiates on? It would seem that it might be possible to help the mower "get lost" by running a parallel wire to the neighbors and inducing a "slightly higher"Wink on frequency signal into the "other" wire. Enough jumps of the boundary, and subsequent ending of mowing, and they might give up. Wouldn't want to do this with a dog containment fence, but if the lawn mower were to escape......

Here in the US, there are very few manufacturer's selling those, and Husqvarna's web site lists no dealers of theirs here.

If they did show up here, they'd have to get FCC authorization - which they haven't yet -

For you global guys, the FCC is a good place to get more information about things that are sold in the US, and internal pictures too. For example, put "kz3" in the grantee code box, and you get a bunch of info on dog containment fences made by one company that operate on 10.7 khz. That IS considered RF in the US.

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