Ferrite Rod Antenna Shielding
Morning All,

I have completed building the amp and controller and they are working great, just need to build the antenna.

I have the 200mm ferrite rods supplied by Blitzortung and was looking at the various instructions and guides etc. but I'm a little bit confused and hopefully someone with so more knowledge can help this noob.

In the guides it says to try without the shielding first to save some effort, and then also recommends to use ribbon cable to shield PVC conduit if required.

Why not use copper pipe instead on pvc conduit wrapped in ribbon cable, to me that would be the ultimate shield or is it a case of that it would be too thick or is there something else I'm missing?

Alternatively I was planning on using the pvc conduit wrapped in adhesive aluminum foil .

Please can you point me in the right direction before I head off to the local DIY store to pickup the bits I don't have. (I'm fortunate to have outdoor shielded cat5 and shielded rj45 connectors left over from my CCTV install).

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