power line interference
(2014-08-25, 05:09)clif9710 Wrote: In reading the material about setting up a station, it is mentioned that high voltage power lines can cause interference. I am located on the fourth floor almost level with residential power lines that are 100 feet away. I assume these lines are only a few kV, they are not the high kV lines on metal towers seen running across the countryside. Even so, would the noise be such that I should forget about setting up a station?

I wouldn't expect medium-voltage lines that far away to substantially impact reception, unless it's an especially noisy line. See also here: Nearby Power Lines.

My initial, temporary installation had my system roughly 7-8 feet from the power meter/drop at my house, and while the voltage was quite a bit lower, both H- and E-field reception were pretty good.

On the other hand, a colleague informs me that he can tell when the temperature rises and the neighborhood starts using more air conditioning, as the noise received by his system goes up. And that's with buried lines. So it really depends.

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