power line interference
Yes, if you turn the function on, the controller even gives an aural beep at 'interference'... and red light flashes...
Keep in mind, that 'interference' as we're defining it here, is simply "too many signals" in some time frame...
which includes 'unwanted" noise from such things as pet fences, power line, etc... very close storms with a lot of activity will key 'interference' mode,.... that's where the network really comes in... go on and ride the interference, let the rest of the stations track the strokes.... as the cell moves away, you'll 'come out' of interference at some point.... hopefully... most of us aren't that patient... we'll attempt gain resets, etc... whatever... this parameter is under development and refinement.

Well, yes, but there is some very tight filtering in the E system... 3 bands.... cutoff very sharp... the other thread you might find interesting is the 'setting up E field' on WxForum, which assumes you've got an operating H field system already.

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