I could be interested in joining network from NE Spain, but I have some doubts ...
- What is the cost of a full kit, including all the required parts (excepting, maybe, boxes and wiring) for the last version ? (and including shipping to Spain)
- As above, but excluding GPS and its antenna ? (I already have some GPS modules here)
- Is your hardware directly connected to Ethernet/internet, i.e., no additional hardware required ?

Two locations are possible....

A - Home/work, near Barcelona
Advantages (?)
- Easy supervision
- Full Internet connection
Inconvenients (?)
- Urban area. Electrical noise from surrounding electrical appliances (?)

B - Countryside, about 50 km N from Barcelona
- Quiet electrical place
Inconvenients (?)
- Remote site
- Some electrical fences, maybe 200 - 500 m away (?)
- Not full internet access. It's get through an authentiicaded proxy connection, then ...
---- What protocol/ports are used to communicate with your server ?
---- Could it work through the authentiicaded proxy connection ?

It seems that Spain is poorly covered and some stations in our area could be really useful.

Your comments will be kindly appreciated

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