a station in Peru
Looking at the maps, it appears there are no stations in South America. My daughter lives in Lima, Peru and it occurs to me that a station there might be more useful than one more station in the U.S. midwest.

The impression I have from what I've read here is that the kits are dispensed first to those in the most sparsely covered areas, so were I to install a station in Lima, I would be far more likely to get a kit?

What about access to a server? Getting data from Peru to North America might involve a significant delay. If it's any indication, using Skype between Lima and Chicago is a very iffy thing.

Would there be a difficulty in maintaining the station since I would not be there to tend to it regularly? I know the kits are not plug and play, but once I built it and tested it for proper operation, could it be left alone for extended periods?

A final challenge would be customs - I can only imagine trying to explain what I am doing with the the circuit boards to people at the airport.

As an aside, lightning is alien to Lima. My daughter's husband, from Lima, was fascinated by a thunderstorm when he came to the states as he had never seen one! The weather there is entirely driven by Pacific Ocean on shore winds - lots of humidity, mild temps, little rain, wet pavements every morning from surface cooling and no real convective activity, in other words, for any weather buff - BORING!

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