Tweaking station
The antenna has moved from the temporary tower into a low position in my main antenna tower.

While setting up in the garden I connected indeed the wrong channel so corrected that.

The remark about "why don't you have the gain settings listed" is more concerning. I was not aware that these are visible in the list so I started to have a look. Gain setting on the amplifier board is "working" as the 4 yellow leds will change their status when I turn the potentiometer. That was already verified at initial set up.

I noticed that on the controllerpages is listed what I'm using: FW 7.4 * PCB 10.4/Unknown. I did not paid attention to that yet but as the controller should recognize the used type of amplifier, it seems that something is not in order yet.

On the statuspage there is written for the amplifiers: Amplifier 1 - PCB Unknown - FW 1.7

Looking on the schematic, the Atmega8 should indentify the type of amplifier to the controller at PD5, PD6, PB6 and PB7. I assume the Atmega8 was already flashed when it arrived in the building kit.

As it is already dark I will not get the antenna/amplifier tonight but will have a look what is happening. It seems that the gain is working because I was able to get the system overloaded when I used max gain settings. Maybe someone else has seen same issue and is able to give any hints.


Frank Veldhuijsen
[station 1152]

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