(2014-09-26, 20:28)Tobi Wrote: Hi!

Since this forum exists, Tapatalk has been installed here. A lot of other forums in the internet are using it too. Most mobile members members are using it, because it makes the navigation much more easier on mobile devices. However, we didn't realize that there's such a advertisement screen when visiting the forum and so far nobody told us about that. It must have been introduced with an upgrade some while ago. Luckily it was easy to disable in the forum settings.

A short note would to us would have been enough. Hope everything is okay with you Ben.

Best regards

My most sincere apologies, it had been a tough week and suddenly having to click through a full page advert each time I accessed the forum just pushed me over the top, I could see that I was getting a bit irrational, that is why I decided to ignore things for 24 hours to cool down.
I have nothing against tapatalk for those who want to use it, but I don't like having it trying to force itself onto me.
Many thanks for sorting it out, I will try not to start posting when I am in a bad mood in the future.

NB it may have been partly due to me upgrading to ios8, previously I had Safari set to report itself as the desktop version, I cannot see how to do that in ios8 (no developer mode) so now the forum knows it is mobile Safari and treats it as such.
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