An interesting project/use....
Hi W3DRM! Indeed your thoughts are interesting but working as a continuing airworthiness engineer for a small bespoke airline, I can imagine the paper work, cost and sheer barriers against getting such systems on board....I think airliners will stick with weather radar systems etc!

Now if I could secure a satellite data plan with unlimited data (which I have on an epic net search) that would meet the data needs I am sure.

I am keen to take a station on an aviation project, me and a fellow pilot plan to carry out a round the world flight in 2015 raising awareness for a particular charity and disease. The flight will be over 2 parts of about 2.5-3 weeks duration routing from London England, to Australia via southern europe, safer parts of the middle east and UAE.

In addition to the mark I eyeball, we are looking at converting a piece of avionics (strike finder) into an experimental carry on device, plug and play system- rather than have to spend even more money on having to install, mod and re-certify the plane! We also plan to use satellite data to look at the strike data from this site but we thought it might also be fun and useful to setup a station on board!!

This combination will work well- strike finder carry on will provide data around the aircraft at a shorter range and data from blitzortung will provide an in sight to weather ahead-over the horizon so to speak.

Do you think having a station on board will help in improving the network for detection in the areas we are flying near?
Does anyone have thoughts on aircraft generated noise levels?

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