Kits for those who live near power lines....
(2014-11-01, 20:52)Mybrokenpc Wrote: When the systems become available, I will be setting it up. I have had an interest in severe weather for some time.

Would it be possible to "train" (for lack of a better description) the device? For example, right now the weather is perfect clear here today so any man made "noise" include in a finger print, like the clicking of a sign or on/off of an air conditioner, etc.

BTW thank you for the quick reply back.

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(2014-11-01, 18:24)Cutty Wrote: At the risk of walking a weak limb, here, I suggest you might be surprised at how little "near field" induction occurs because of nearby power lines. I'm surrounded by them. It's not generally the 'power lines' that cause issues... its things attached to them... but then if you detect an 'arcing' transformer or insulator, the utility company would love to know it. Vacuum cleaners, drills, furnace/AC motors.. that kind of thing... aging or


Do you plan to install a station when systems again available???


In some respects, the RED system does automatically adapt to various levels of noise. We already have adjustable settings that help in that regard. However, the best way to mitigate the noise issues is to attack them one at a time as your system is being set-up. It takes a while to learn the system and to get it running optimally. Unfortunately, due to the wide variations of each station, it is impossible to establish an "exact" best setup for each one. That has to be done on a trial and error basis over time. My station has been operational for over a year yet I still find myself playing with it and making fine adjustments. It's still not perfect but it gets better all the time.

You'll discover all of this when you receive your own station. Patience is the word at the moment. We are all waiting to hear that the stations are once again available for ordering and shipment.

There is also another great forum that you can access that covers many Blitzortung subjects, including links to reference and build documents. You will find it at the following link:
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