New station, very low stroke number
(2014-12-27, 06:14)Gianfran Wrote: 1) Why there is a big difference between channel A and channel B? It's normal?
each receives signals from different directions
Quote:2) I mounted the amplifier in the same pole of antenna TV, it can generate noise?
possibly, but not likely. Possible affects signal reception depending on mast material and distance from the antenna.
Quote:3) The amplifier is mounted vertically, with rod ferrite antennas at 90 degrees. It's good in this way or I have to mount it horizontally?
Amplifier in any position. H field ferrites should be in horizontal, with shortest possible wire connection to amplifier
Quote:4) To link the amplifier to the controller I use an unshielded ethernet cable, this can create interference to amplifier if it is near the ferrite rods?
Yes, that cable must be shielded.

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