Shielding antennas
(2015-01-11, 15:12)Cutty Wrote:
(2015-01-11, 14:39)orion_jb2001 Wrote: Hi, Is it advisable to shield ferrite antennas which will be going outside?

Shielding only prevents "E" signals from entering the ferrites. It has no effect on any magnetic fields. Many of us operate 'unshielded', because we've seen little or no difference. I've a noisy "H" environment so shielding made absolutely no difference for me. Others have required shielding for electric fields. You have to determine what your environment requires.
Shielding won't hurt, but isn't always necessary. Many of us also do not have 'ferrites' outside... many use them inside. E field probe and preamp MUST be outside, away from structures and noise, and a few meters above the earth.... and there is no shielding required, or effective.

Is there any method other than "suck it and see" to see if the "environment" you are going to set up is going to be an issue for interference in H or e situations, like getting an am radio to "listen" for electrical interference? Also while we are talking interference, I am more worried about my control unit being located in a room with a few computers etc. I will be using shielded cable etc, will I get much interference from the electrics in that room, both amps, H and E will be on the roof, suitably weatherproofed etc.


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