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(2015-01-15, 22:22)Cutty Wrote:
(2015-01-15, 21:43)orion_jb2001 Wrote: your post is noted about posting technical questions from operators in the internal forum I was not aware of that procedure, however, my request for a login ability to the internal forum has a operator has not been actioned. I have sent an request email, as per instructions, to ( Sorry if any operators have replied to my "moved post" technical question, I do not have access to the internal forum yet Huh)


Sorry, Jeff... let me find it and move it back for you. Have you activated your station yet... contacted and sent signals? Tobi has to 'turn you on" for the internals...

TOBI!.... HELP??? Angel


Your original thread is at Big Grin

Hi, copy of an email just sent to;


Requesting a user name / account. (personal details etc). Note: you might need to make sure this email address for account username directions etc, is updated on the pdf documents that supply construction advice. My initial request for a user login was sent to 24 hours ago, as indicated in the blitzortung red assembly document.



This error in email addresses would probably be why no one has got back to me. People if you have constructed the brilliant documents that help newbies, make sure you update your documents with correct email addresses etc.... Smile


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