Ground current
(2024-04-26, 15:23)mendip_defender Wrote:
(2024-04-26, 13:01)cutty Wrote:
(2024-04-26, 09:15)dannyrugeri Wrote: Hello,
I wonder how far the ground current from a lightning strike is reaching.
Assuming having two ground rods in a practicable distance and measuring the voltage (-drop) in between
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Yup, I think so too. We seem to get quite a few of them now, expecially with L.L.M. stuff around now they are only going to get better at fooling us.

Yep, from an admin/moderator's point of view they can drive me nuts... unless just lucky enough to catch 'em... We don't like to purge or ban but sometimes it's not obvious like this one, so you folks can help us... we'd like to keep stuff off the boards... in this case it was so obvious since he virtually quoted an 8 year old query from Steph and the board itself 'related' to the original post.  Stuck out like a robot's busted elbow joint...

Getting several a week, now and increasing... and with the sneaky "sneak in a spam crap page URL" we'll soon ALL have to be moderators....

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