Newsletter 1/2015
(2015-06-24, 09:50)Cutty Wrote:
(2015-06-24, 06:25)Steph Wrote:
(2015-06-24, 01:10)Kalamara Wrote: So nothing really to add to TOA technology but a few bells and whistles.

System green starts recording when the signal already happend, so there is a part of the signal missing.
This can only be compensated to a certain point, since the start of the recording (which is also the signal time) is not very well defined but just a voltage exceeding a "random" value.

Step gave us the hint... there's more here than "Bells and Whistles".... and GUIs and layout... TOA and TOGA HAVE been around awhile!  But everything has evolved, and many of the server paradigms BT has implemented weren't considered or thought of 'then'.  For e.g. ...the VLF/ELF band has become 'noisy' with robot mowers, pet fences, submarine communications, etc.  Yes, evolution.  Yes, first Green, then Red, and coming soon, BLUE. 
Big Grin

It is my understanding that if you are getting interference from any device to a spectrum the FCC regulations require that all manufacturers even lights must adhere to reducing the interference source. This in part involves part 15 radio devices. Any sources even lights especially the manufacturers must make sure they do not interfere radio spectrum including 9khz ham band and Vlf lightning systems. The navy submarine systems can not be interfered with too of course..Im tracing down these darn touch lights that cause engine pulsing in the 8khz and higher spectrum
and it must be coming from downstairs or near my apartment..these issues include power line noises.. the power company has to resolve those interference issues also!. I am acquiring radio spectrum analyzer renting one to catch all inteferences including as high frequencies as those cell towers!
FCC Rules Part 15 interference and radio sources.

God Luck to All!
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