Newsletter 1/2015
Re: Cutters? : "...For e.g. ...the VLF/ELF band has become 'noisy' with robot mowers, pet fences, submarine communications, etc.  Yes, evolution.  Yes, first Green, then Red, and coming soon, BLUE.  Big Grin"
Re: yours : "...even lights must adhere to reducing the interference source. This in part involves part 15 radio devices. Any sources even lights especially the manufacturers must make sure they do not interfere radio spectrum including 9khz ham band and Vlf lightning systems. The navy submarine systems can not be interfered with too of course..Im tracing down these darn touch lights that cause engine pulsing in the 8khz and higher spectrum
FCC Rules Part 15 interference and radio sources.
Ham Radio Operator N4UUQ"

Hello Paul,
Thanks for the FCC bulletin (wow, last edit 1996), I was completely ignorant of such (along with much else).  I am also interested in not stepping on ELF/VLF toes, and was also ignorant of a 9kHz ham band.  Is such a non-FCC allocation?  Please point me at any references that could add to filling in a newbie's gaps.  Also I'm open to any refs on Vlf lightning systems.
Hoping to soon be a Ham Radio Operator Shy

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