Newsletter 1/2015
I am one of those GREEN stations that started when we started the USA stations Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

I have read the posting regarding the phasing out of the GREEN stations. Its only fair I hope that we will get
credit for the return of the Green Station Modules that were time consuming to build by others and me and
hopefully the BLUE systems come in at the right time that I will save my extra expenses (I hope) to send off
my old green system and get the BLUE system in response to the upgrades.

I don't know how financially it will fit some others depending how much the BLUE system will cost. I guess
time will tell who will stay and who will drop out.

Well anyway, whatever happens happens some may leave the network some may stay I hope given the
gravity of this situation I have encouragement to stay online.

Thanks Again and Hope for the Best.

Palm Beach Gardens Florida Confused Huh Dodgy   Lightning
Stations: 654

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