Newsletter 1/2015
(2015-06-23, 06:15)Joel Wrote:
(2015-06-22, 17:33)Bonzo Wrote: Kalamara, do I understand you right? You got some hardware some years ago (for cost price) and now you want the
developers to send you a new system on their costs?!

Well said

Hey im not asking something from nothing I had a person put this system together from a kit form and myself to get it going with the right antenna. If the darn thing works now why upgrade it? The TOA technology is nothing new. Its been around for awhile. Its not a complicated issue. I still also run lightning radar program on TOA mode shooting against my virtual station in the Canary Islands off Africa. I also have one station in France working with me. Long range lightning TOA is still a good method and works well. So nothing really to add to TOA technology but a few bells and whistles.

Good luck to everyone.!  Confused
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