Newsletter 1/2015
(2015-07-05, 14:12)WagnerRu Wrote: Reading thorugh alle that discussions and given that the Network grew in a tremendous way I am wondering if the Community developing Blue in the background will make sure that all interested existing contributors who run either green and or red stations will be able to get an early bird blue one ?

Cheers Rudi

Hi Rudi...
I do know this much, but it won't really answer your question... the Developers, et. al. are extremely sensitive to the Green system operators, those who've hung in there, for sure,... From what I know, or sense, I can only speculate what will happen regarding your question;

Speculation:  I have these "general" thoughts, and they are only speculation...
 Initially, special consideration / priority may be given to
1. Limited production... partially assembled for certain existing operators with 'proven' technical background, track records / contributors  for purpose of further testing and validating.  Red or Green operators.
 and as distribution begins:  depending upon "Blue System Type"  mostly assembled, partially assembled, -- no boxes etc
... and I suspect some time limit may be involved....  possibly with the inclusion of 'special' 'add-on' filtering and features,...
2. 'Active' Green... 'dead, or damaged' Green awaiting Blue. 
3. Locations of less density, fewer stations, or no stations, excluding current Reds.
3. Existing Dual (H+E Reds)
4. Existing Single (H or E only)
A. At some point, the 'special-plugins' may be offered as folks determine the 'need'... .

Then, I suspect there'll be a second phase, where 'pre built, housed' completely assembled systems will become available to those of less technical background... so called 'plug 'n' play... or similar.... although depending on logistics and production this may be rolled into "A" above....
I'm not sure if this forum is yet ready for all the 'inquiring minds' of 'plug'n'play' operators... Sad

I think as it progresses, Green and 'low or no coverage areas' will always have 'top priority', followed by REDS, and/or "plug'n'play'... and that may last a few months.

Logistics, I expect initially, will be tough, and there will be issues similar to, or greater than last fall with the tremendous demand.  Developers learned from last year, and several things discussed, but I'd be very surprised is there weren't a lot of snafus....

Please keep in mind, this is speculation... at this point, with development testing still going on, there is no way to be specific, and the roll out has not been shared with me...  many things logistically, legally, to be resolved.

Best I can do!


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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