RED Kit for sale
Hello all,
I decided to put my spare RED kit up for sale. I'm running a Green station 417 in Crete and ordered the RED kit last summer. I didn't find the time yet to build the kit and after the announcement about BLUE I guess that I can wait for few months and go to the next generation.

The kit is complete with 20cm loops, Amplifier PCB is 12 vers. 3c (8/2013) and Controller 10 ver. 4 (11/2013) as it gets delivered for Region 1 (Europe). I think that except the power supply everything fits any other region. I'll sell at cost, i.e. the amount that I was charged from Blitzortung plus the shipment fees to the buyer.

If interested please leave a message.



Sorry I meant 20cm ferrites
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Hi Minoic, I am interested. Have emailed you.

Adrian Hudson
Ahh, I think there is something wrong with forum email for me - possibly because I just joined.

Could you email me at weather [at] please Minoic

Many thanks!
Hello I m from Greece and interest for buying your red kit. Please contact me kwpaida[at]
I don't have a station yet, but am very interested. Can you contact me at tim[at] ?
Hello Tim,
apologies but the kit has been already taken by another member.

Stations: 2356
I have a PCB V13.1 and some parts for that board.

Email me for more info.
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I have a fully function system red for sale (Nov 2020) -

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