Dielectric grease
(2018-01-30, 19:37)dupreezd Wrote: I would slide a big enough heat shrink tubing over the cable, screw the connectors together, then apply the grease over the outside. Then shrink the tubing. Makes for a water and airtight seal. No moisture and air = no corrosion.

Heat shrink is fine, but put the grease on the inside of the connector. That's where it is needed!

We have done this for over 30 years, and have opened up connectors that were filled with it and outdoors for 20 years. When unscrewing them after all that time, there was absolutely no corrosion. Even the silver was still bright white.

There was electrical tape stretch-wrapped over it all, and other splices covered with tape but without the grease inside were corroded and the silver badly tarnished from condensation.
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