Just a word or two...
The Blitzortung development team has had an extremely chaotic first half of the year, with vocational related (job) demands, etc,... therefore, the release of system BLUE is a bit behind projections,  Please bear with us,  Egon has begun construction and evaluation of prototype 'amplifier" boards, with prototype preamps for H and E channels..... to be joined later with the controller, firmware, etc.  Again, 'life' interferes at times with 'hobby'..... and we have an excellent network, and committed operators.

For those who wish to join the BT network. and those who wish to add BLUE to an existing location, please remain patient... BLUE will fascinate and intrigue us....and the experience and data gathered from existing Green and Red stations should impress all, when BLUE is ready for release, in a few months. 

Thanks, and best wishes to all of you!  Please stay tuned, and monitor this forum, and other significant BT pages, for further updates and announcements!

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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