Help interpreting data?
(2015-07-01, 21:26)aorange Wrote: Hello all,

I'm hoping someone can help me.
I'm researching an event from last night where a series of lightning strikes occurred within a small window of time. I've been able to pinpoint and capture the strikes using but need help interpreting the data!  Could one of you experts help out a newbie with an easy bunch of questions?  Huh

Thank you in advance!
Amber O.

Hi Amber...
First- a caveat...
... if this would relate to damage, insurance, etc, Please DO NOT use Blitzortung or Lightning Maps as 'reliable' data!   ( So, I must say this, even  though we take this seriously, and know we've an excellent system) This is a 'hobby' and not a "commercial" data service. We cannot and will not supply any affidavits or 'expert' information. There are companies with 'certifications' and experts who do that.  We're all just amateur, interested, private, weather nuts, who built our own systems, and certainly have no 'legal' credentials.  But we do have dadgum good hardware, network, and processing... . Lightning

Now, if you just want some knowledge about what you see publicly, we'll try to answer as we can!

So glad you found us, and watch us!   Let us know!


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