Help interpreting data?
Hi Mike!
Thanks for the caveat - and I completely understand.  This is for a research piece about using publicly available data
(I'm a librarian).  
I am interested in understanding how to interpret the attached image, and also what sort of reasonable assumptions can be
made (or not made) from the data. Again, this is more of a primer for me in terms of how to use the data on the site.  
So here are my two questions!
(1) Do the purple dots in the attached screenshot represent lightning strikes on the ground?
(2) How reasonable is it to assume that a specific location (in the red box on the map) could be impacted by a strike that occurred in the range of the outer circle?
The target I am interested in is lat/long 33.53/-79.98 and the strikes occurred sometime between 7pm-9pm on June 30th.
Thank you in advance for help!

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