System BLUE / capability to handle external RF fields

just joined to the forum :-)

I am looking for a future opportunity to setup my monitoring station behind a remote internet connection. I am interested of the system BLUE when it comes available - hopefully later this year.

Do we have any preliminary information (possibly from development team) how good this equipment is for handling nearby RF fields? I got some comments from local amateur radio operators, that the VLF area where BO hardware operates, would be not so easily disturbed...

I mean the frequencies, for example in HF band roughly 3.5 to 30MHz, that is used for the ham radio operators. I ask this because the planned location of the station, would be same as the location of my RF-transmitters. The power levels feed on antennas at HF would be estimated 50...100W max. Maybe in a future I could install some VHF/UHF transmitters also...

Timo K, Espoo / Finland

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