System BLUE / capability to handle external RF fields
(2015-07-04, 18:51)tkuhmone Wrote: When it is stated like "pre-amp may be saturated" I understood it means actual voltage amplified (from antenna) is too high so that any lightning indication may not be enough to trigger actual detection ?
As bonzo said; saturation is leading to intermodulation, which probably would result in the station going into interference mode.
But this isn't a problem.

Small loop antennas are probabably less sensitive to HF-Fields, since they are from an e-field point of view a short-circuit. But near-fields are difficult to foresee, so there will be no other way as trying.
I had no problems with 100W in 20m distance at 14MHz. The bigger problem was interference from the switching power supply of the transceiver.
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