System BLUE / capability to handle external RF fields
(2015-07-04, 19:32)Steph Wrote: As bonzo said; saturation is leading to intermodulation, which probably would result in the station going into interference mode.

Well, that is not exactly what I wanted to say. Intermodulation happens already below the saturation level. It can produce in-band products from two or more out-of-band signals. And once they are in band they can not be eliminated by filters.

So filters should be appear as early as possible in the signal chain.

BTW: Another issue with the strong field is that it could ecxite a common mode signal in the cables from the antenna probes. Thus the signal(s) is/are not picked up by the antenna itself but by the aerial cabling. Especially if dimensions are multiples of quarter lambdas. Good grounding (= creating a RF reference plane) is crucial.

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