Setting up a new station and Data Usage questions
Hello everyone,

I'm interested in setting up a station in central Mississippi (USA) , but I'd like to know about how much data a station uses. I'd be excited to have the first station in Mississippi and help increase accuracy in the area.

BUT I have a 1Mbps upload / 15Mbps download connection and I'm not sure if it would be enough to handle all of the lightning strike data.
Hi Avery,

Your internet connection is more than sufficient. Up until the time my controller was fried, I was using a 3Mb download and 512Kbs upload Uverse connection and had no issues.  Plus my detector was on WiFi. Do you have a bandwidth cap? I ask because I have used up to 1 GB a day when it was an active day.

Hope this helps,

Station: 1387
Stations: 1387
I have Uverse as well, so I don't really have a data cap.
Sorry to resurrect a somewhat old thread but I'm in Mississippi to and have a question. First, is there a place in the US that we can order the parts from for this project? Second, about how much do they cost? I'm a Linux user and enjoy contributing to what I can. I'm disabled and don't have a lot of spare money but if I can afford to help on this, I'd like to set up a station.

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