At the moment informations, 3rd party additions, tips and tricks, FAQs, are spread across forums, sub-forums and websites, possibly hard to overlook for newcomers and people who don't spend a lot of time in forums.

It would be nice to have a wiki, editable by bo-users on Maybe it could replace the "Service" tab.
Just an idea.
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We already had a very good FAQ, which was very informative and helpful for beginners. However, it was mainly in German and almost only for the old GREEN hardware. It can be very time consuming to keep such a website up to date.

In general a FAQ or wiki is a very helpful feature. If you or someone else wants to manage a wiki, then you are free to do so. You will get everything you need (webspace, domain, etc.), but you have to care about that by yourselves. Smile
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We definitely have to do this. 
In opposition to what Steph said, I don't think this must be editable by all users. This can quickly become a mess !

I'm ready to endorse this responsibility but I'll probably need someone with much more technical background, ie to explain detailed settings like noise and so on.
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