Registering new system question..
(2016-05-11, 12:39)Cutty Wrote:
(2016-05-11, 11:58)africaone Wrote: [quote pid='10374' dateline='1439910555']
Dear All, new member here with freshly completed system red - ready for deployment -all preliminary tests passed first time Rolleyes , although the smd soldering was a first and took a while to become comfortable.

Just wondering if anyone can share how / where to get a "user ID number and account" to proceed with firmware, software test and connectivity?


Send a short Email to requesting a new user account for the network... A user account here on the forum is not necessarily a Network User account.. mine are different, for example.
You might refer back to the RED Documentation, section 5 (page 65) for instructions on activating your station, and registering your station.

Welcome Aboard!

Great Stuff! Once the system red firmware was installed it all all pretty much automatic from there. Only problem is that the firmware link is not referenced anywhere I could find it...
Station 1445 is now online! 25% more stations now in Africa! Yay! (still cannot believe that this all went so smoothly without any hardware problems).
Still need to connect the antennae and house the unit in a suitable box. Hope to get this done on the weekend.

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