Would a station in northern England be any use?
My station is about 60km south of the Inskip 81kHz transmitter, and I get a very clear noise peak at that frequency. My H-field antennae are aligned roughly N-S and E-W (not for any technical reason, other than that the corner of house is so aligned!), and I have noticed that the gain I can manage on the N-S axis is consistently quite a lot lower than E-W, and I had always assumed that that was due to the big peak from the transmitter. However the transmitter was turned off for couple of weeks in August and although the spike disappeared my gains didn't improve, so I guess it's not that after all! I'm about 3km north of Fiddlers Ferry Power Station (2 GigaWatts), and I'm wondering whether that may be to blame.

I still get quite reasonable results in a suburban location though, your location should be useful. Farm electric fence controllers can sometimes be an issue in rural areas.

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