Green System PCB 6 Ver 8.0. No Green Light
Just tonite I had finished installing the antenna outside. I turned off the Green system board Pcb 6 ver 8.0

Now when I go to start the tracker program its starts up and then it shuts down right after 2 or 3 seconds.

I have the yellow light blinking GPS blue light  timer to GPS flashing every sec and the red light is on.

Now I dont see the green light going on it is off.  Undecided

Is there any procedure to hard reboot this board so I hope to get the default settings working again and that
the software tracker would be able to communicate to the data board. Sounds like the software is not able to

As an update as of 1216am DST I just was able to get the green to stay on by setting the jumpers back on
for the GPS at 9600 baud now thats ok but now the software tracker loads up then shuts down a few seconds later
darn it! Confused  Dodgy Sad

Thanks  Blush  
Palm Beach Gardens Florida
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Green System PCB 6 Ver 8.0. No Green Light - by Kalamara - 2015-09-10, 03:38

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