Green System PCB 6 Ver 8.0. No Green Light
PetrosKa Wrote:I have the same problem since last night, the tracker will start for a sec. and then closes, the program runs without network but it doesn't do anything, tried the gateway trick but no luck.

The latest issue just now. I think I know why we may have some issues. I reinstalled win xp sp3 also downloading the latest win xp sp4 2014 updates upofficial.

The blitzortung seems to be working. If by any chance you are running a limited edition of WIN XP you will have issues. Better reinstall win xp sp3 and donwload drivers from the manufacturers cd. Any updates you do to the drivers and chipset other than the standard one that came with your Motherboard
could create issues again with network.  So far its working now..

But off course I am awaiting instructions on when the blue system is coming out and how I can pay for it. I will keep the gree system preamp at least
to also run Lightning Radar ver 9.35. Its working well tapping into my 8.5 in 100 turn 31 awg magnetic wired loops! They are working very well. I placed them outside for the first time on my apartment balcony so now lets see what happens.

On a side note:

By the way how are things in greece? I delayed my trip Just outisde of Athens city limits where my mom lives until things get settled down now. Now more problems! We have  the mass migration of people from Syria and other places.. you know its interesting that this crisis event is hapenning with the worse economic situation right now! THE USA and Europe...includes Greece!
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